Die Freude, Fülle und Freiheit, welche zuhauf im Universum vorhanden ist, manifestiert sich jetzt global.

Zentrales Thema unserer Zeit ist die Selbstliebe. Nur noch Jobs machen, welche unserer Berufung entsprechen; nur noch Beziehungen leben, welche wir wirklich wollen. Keine Kompromisse mehr.

The abundance, freedom and joy, which is already inherent in the body of the universe, is currently on the point of a global manifestation.

The central subject of our times is “self-love”.

carrying out jobs that respond to our calling;

living relations true to our own will.

No more compromises!

This is the basement for happyness and freedom. I feel the positive vibrations witch I transfer in my artworks. The cardboards from fruit and vegtables are powerfull in their color. When we look at my art works, it is a reminder for us, that we are also shiny cristals in ourselfs. Thats why the chinese TAO lambs and altar parts are always very shiny red and golden. The universe sees the shiny christal souls on earth in their various colors. And we shine bright when we are happy, full of abundance and liberty.


all for water, water for all – thx to all the water protectors of the world!!!

Millerntorgallery #7
Finanziert von der ARS VERSA Kunststiftung Freiburg

Photo by Marcus Rackete a.k.a. Randy Rocket

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